Geomagic is the ideal software for post processing 3D Scanner files, with modules for reverse engineering, metrology and digital inspection purposes. 

What is Geomagic Software?

Geomagic Software is a 3D design and engineering platform that allows users to create three-dimensional products using a computer. It has advanced features to design, simulate, manufacture and test three-dimensional products. The software is used by engineers, designers and manufacturers to create prototypes, parts and final products.

How Does Geomagic Software Facilitate 3D Design?

Geomagic Software has advanced tools to create 3D models. It uses laser scanning techniques to create accurate three-dimensional models of any object. The software also has tools to edit, optimize and refine 3D models. It also supports many 3D file formats, including STL, OBJ, and other CAD formats.

How Does Geomagic Software Make Prototyping Easier?

Geomagic Software provides tools to help users create rapid prototypes. It has rapid prototyping tools like 3D printing, laser cutting, welding and other direct manufacturing techniques. The software also offers features to help users simulate prototype fabrication and to test the strength of materials used in prototypes.

How Does Geomagic Software Make Engineering Easier?

Geomagic Software offers many features for engineering. It provides tools for structure analysis, finite element analysis, energy analysis and vibration analysis. The software also offers features to help users create flow diagrams and mechanical assemblies. In addition, the software provides cost analysis, project management and quality control features.

Below are the Geomagic modules: 

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