Simufact Software solutions allow you to simulate a wide variety of forming and welding processes, as well as metal-based additive manufacturing processes, to optimize manufacturing processes, reduce costs and time to market, while which improves product quality.

Simufact software solutions are divided into three product lines, which have been developed for the specific requirements of each individual process: Simufact Forming, Simufact Welding and Simufact Additive.

In this presentation Technosim will comment a little more about Simufact Forming.

Simufact Forming is a simulation tool for the most diverse forming processes.
Simufact Forming has an interface that facilitates user learning, thus taking less time to become familiar with all the resources that the software offers, both pre-processing and post-processing are performed on the same platform.

As it is a software suitable for the manufacturing process, all the software’s nomenclature is suitable for its process, thus facilitating even more the adaptation with the software.

It is an extremely accurate software, as it does not consider the triangle mesh as a surface or “Shell” (thickness = 0) for the simulation, but rather uses a volumetric triangle mesh for the simulation, that is, as a solid, thus evaluating the stresses throughout the thickness of the material.

Sheet Metal Forming

Simufact Forming has a module aimed at simulating stamped parts. In this module it is possible to obtain a preview of the result that will be obtained from the plan of methods that was elaborated.

With the possibility of simulating all types of processes, such as Progressive, conventional and Transfer, simulating from the entire solid of the part and not just the shell, thus presenting results that are more consistent with reality, especially in thicker plates.

Through the software, it is possible to calculate all the efforts required for forming, a preview of the tool’s useful life, the residual stress in the part, the metallographic characteristic of the part, among other results that can be exported for use in a subsequent simulation of the product. considering this information as boundary conditions.

Hot Forming

As it is a complex process simulation tool, Simufact Forming enables the simulation of hot forming, which with the development of industrial processes are increasingly present in the day to day of industries.

Can be used for process development, optimization/improvement of a one-line process, feasibility studies during the quote process.

The Software will provide its user with a complete understanding of the operations, starting with blank supply all the way through to the final cooling and heat treatment.

It offers several benefits such as cost reduction, reduction of scrap and rework, lower tool cost and prediction of the metallographic characteristics of the parts.

Mechanical Union

For all mechanical joining processes, Simufact is capable of simulating the most diverse ways of joining parts, such as riveting.

A joint simulation is extremely important for several factors, such as reducing experimental tests, which are often destructive tests, saving the company’s resources that were used for the tests, predicting the failure of the joints, among other advantages.

With this solution, the company will have a tool that allows it to simulate the process virtually, both the manufacture of the joining elements themselves, and the joining by conformation of metal sheets, providing the company with a Virtual Joining Factory.

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