TS -SCAN is a Scanner developed by Technosim and supported in
national territory. Equipped with two high-resolution cameras and a blue LED light projector. It
is a 3D Scanner with high versatility, being able to be used in up to 03 (three)
different fields of vision, thus allowing the user a good resolution in the mesh,
independent of the product that needs to be realized.

TS-SCAN is the right 3D Scanner for your need, whatever it may be, and can
help in all markets, such as industrial, medicinal, artistic, packaging,
studios, among other applications.

The great differential of TS-SCAN is the well-known support that Technosim works
with its customers and on national soil, so it will not be necessary to send the equipment abroad
for maintenance and repairs, reducing costs and time for execution of this
type of service.

TS Scan escaneando

Serviços de escaneamento 3D, engenharia reversa e impressão 3D.

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