3D scanning, reverse engineering and 3D printing services.

Impressão 3D

3D printing

3D printing or rapid prototyping is a manufacturing process in which it is possible to produce products from a 3D model.

Digital Inspection

Digital Inspection is a process widely used in engineering to compare the part that was produced with the 3D Model.

3D Scanner

Provides scanning in diverse environments with optimal mesh quality for reverse engineering, measurement or inspection.

Reverse engineering

Similar to 3D Scanning and 3D Scanning, however, the 3D Model is generated for import into the most diverse CAD software on the market.

Commitment to quality

Our services

Various services in reverse engineering, 3D scanning or digitizing, 3D printing, digital inspection and 3D modeling.

Services performed with excellence.

Reverse engineering

Reverse Engineering is a process for obtaining the 3D Model of physical parts by analyzing and investigating each part.

Escaneamento 3D

3D Scanning or 3D Scanning consists of the 3D Scanner of the part for its “Transportation” to the digital environment.

3D printing

Geometry barriers can be bypassed, thus performing the service on items with the most complex geometries.

Digital Inspection

Process widely used in engineering to compare the part that was produced with the 3D Model.

3D Modeling

3D Modeling is one of the stages of Reverse Engineering, which consists of creating surfaces after 3D Scanning.

Software for 3D scanning and 3D modeling

Count on Technosim for a special service with engineering software. We work with the following software:

Discover all our available equipment below.

Our equipment

Technosim sells 3D Scanner for the most diverse applications, being technologies that can be used both in metrology environments and on the factory floor.

Acquire 3D Scanners with development, production and support in Brazil.

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