3D Printing

3D printing is a technique increasingly used by various sectors, which literally transforms the digital version of an object into a physical version.

Something that was remote and only seen in movies, is now a reality in sectors such as medicine and engineering, and has revolutionized several industrial sectors.

If 3D printing is still a new subject for you and you are still in doubt whether it is worth investing in your company, continue reading and understand everything about 3D printing!

3D printing service for companies

According to studies, 3D printing helps companies save up to 90% and optimizes production logistics.

For example, companies that work with imported components, through 3D printing, no longer need to wait a long time for the part to arrive, and thus avoid having a machine stopped.

Among the main 3D printing services for companies , we can highlight:

  • Creation of prototypes, which reduces the cost and time in the development of products and parts;
  • Production of models;
  • Mass customization.

As 3D printers are very versatile, it is a type of service that can benefit several segments, from the health area, with the creation of personalized prostheses, to the manufacture of toys.

The most interesting thing is that it is a technology that is no longer something of the future and companies can benefit greatly.

What is 3D printing and how does it work?

3D printing is a manufacturing process that creates a physical object from a digital model.

The technology works by adding materials, usually polymers, layer by layer, making it possible to create virtually any object.

Currently, there are many techniques to create parts in an additive way. The choice of material and technology will depend on the nature of your project.

For example, it can be a print on plastic, resin or metal.

However, to print a part, it is first necessary to have a 3D project, which must be done with the aid of CAD modeling software .

What are the benefits of 3D printing for companies?

The benefits of this technology are diverse, however, the advantages of 3D printing are different depending on the sector and applications.

Check out what your company has to gain from 3D printing below:

  • Quickly develop your designs and prototypes;
  • Optimize designs and products;
  • Use 3D printing as a production technique;
  • Offer the possibility of having different versions of the same product;
  • Have a competitive advantage;
  • Manufacture parts exactly when you need them.

It is also worth remembering that, depending on the technology used, 3D printing has a very affordable cost.

When can 3D printing be used?

3D printing can be used in many industries. See where 3D printing can be used:

  • Production of auto parts;
  • In the medical field, implants and prostheses are increasingly common;
  • Creation of models for architecture, and thus obtain a better view of the projects;
  • In the education area, students can print mechanical parts, prototypes or even artistic objects;
  • Robotics projects;
  • Parts for the aeronautical industry;
  • Fashion designs.

Anyway, 3D printing is quite versatile and it is no coincidence that it is currently widely used.

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